Meet Zumpy! Your new favourite carpooling app.

Through Zumpy, drivers can zero fuel expenses and passengers can commute both comfortably and affordably.

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The future is collaborative, sustainable and attentive to environmental needs. That's why Zumpy's purpose is to share and help you save, creating a better deal for your city and the world!


Target the visibility of your route! You can make it available to only Facebook friends, create a women-only carpooling agreement, or select between a variety of private and admin-controlled groups.




For the driver, the value received can be directly converted into fuel for your vehicle. From a passenger’s standpoint, the cost is close to would be spent on public transport!




The total reduction of CO² emissions is calculated after the completion of the route.

Bring ZUMPY to your business or college!

Customisable according to your needs and the demands of your project.
Support offered for its implementation, as well as problem-solving.
Instant numbers on the amount of CO² saved by the company or college available.
Help in improving the quality of life of employees and students.

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